Important News

Thank you for being a customer of Superior Tech Help. We continue to provide best of class services to our subscribers. Currently there are many imposters representing themselves as us, Microsoft and other legitimate companies. We are communicating to make sure you do not fall prey to these imposters. Superior Tech Help is an independent premium tech support provider and has been successfully and compliantly providing our services to hundreds of thousands of customers for over 5 years.

We are 100% committed to your satisfaction and as a subscriber you are entitled to service for the term of your agreement WITH NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!

Call us to make sure you are receiving the full benefit of your subscription. Our toll free support number is 877-349-2735 and we are Mon-Friday 9am to 6pm EST to serve you.

Superior Tech Help does not:

  • We DO NOT make any outbound sales calls to our subscribers.
  • We DO NOT ask for you Banking information.
  • We DO NOT accept Western Unions.
  • We ARE NOT Microsoft and will never represent ourselves as such.
  • We ARE NOT going out of business.
  • We ARE NOT calling subscribers to give refunds.

If you receive a call or email suggesting otherwise or asking for you to make an additional payment PLEASE DO NOT DO SO. We recommend you hang up, block the caller and/or blacklist their email address. If you need our help - call us we are here for you. Our toll free support number is 877-349-2735 and we are here to serve you.

It is unfortunate that we must share this message with you but the actions of the imposters has become so prevalent we felt it necessary to protect the interest of our customers.

Thank you again for your business,
The Support Team
Superior Tech Help

Tech Support
Simply call our Toll-free number 877-349-2735 and our Certified Technicians will be glad to assist you.

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we assure to provide you the best service.
Looking forward to hear from you for all your tech needs!!!

SuperiorTech Help